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I think there must be something about me that makes people decide “hm, this looks like a girl to whom I’d like to tell my life story.” I’m not complaining, it’s always interesting and generally these talkative types have great stories to share. After making it into London to meet up with my tour group I walked around trying to find somewhere to buy more moleskins but ended up at a coffee shop talking to Lewis and hearing about his girlfriend and two sons and his life in Sydney and travels through Europe.
The only thing I dislike is when the convo turns to me and I’m supposed to reciprocate with on the spot entertaining anecdotes. The prompt “tell me about yourself” makes me a little sick to my tummy and I try to think of ways to turn the attention back to my new bff. “I’m Jessie.. I live in Texas, I haves mom a dad three sisters and a rabbit named Babbit. Actually it’s my sisters rabbit. Do you have or like sisters or rabbits?” I can usually have an hour long conversation without revealing much more than that. And this past week I really could have answered with any fictional life story, and sometimes did, but I think these next three weeks I’ll have to be a little more truthful and a lot more outgoing in my social interactions.
Walking into our group meeting made me a little uneasy, it’s been a while since I’ve had to meet and interact with so many people. Traveling alone has let mebeas reclusive as I want to be, but now it’s time to put on my charming shoes and make some friends. Too bad I don’t have a pair of stylish ankle boot sandals to alert everyone I how cool I am.
We meet at six tomorrow morning to weigh our bags and head to Paris. So that will be nice, since I’m a natual charmer in the morning. If you find dragons or mutes or snapping turtles charming.
And so starts the next chapter of my trip. Away we go, y’all.
Time for shower and book and early bed. I am too much party.
It’s 8pm here in London, and OU still sucks. Dreaming of Texas football and queso and mexican martinis.


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