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Girl Talk has been my love for a long time.
E-603 is fighting for my heart and I’m getting all confused.
Mash up artists = geniuses.

warning: not edited for language.
might be not your taste.
my fav part from this track is around 2:00 when he mixes passion pit. loveee.

and good old greg gillis

and a totally different category.
‘falling slowly’ from the movie ‘once’
yeah, totally different.
but equally amazing.


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sooo.. sorry about that.

here’s an awesome song + video with sweet dance moves as an apology.

i don’t understand why it has barely 100 views. it’s wonderful.

ive been back for a month and a half now. gross.
have a job in sugar land, working in a pub.
money is decent and living at home is letting me get finances in order and save up as i plan the next adventure.
teaching in thailand?
become a fisherman in chile?
to be determined.

more.. next time.

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