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I’m not a very diligent laundry-doer. In fact, right now in my closet there are two baskets of laundry. One is clean, one is dirty, and neither is getting taken care of any time soon. When I need something to wear besides my beautiful khakis and smokey work shirt, I reach in the clean, find something reasonably unwrinkled and wear it. At the end of the day, I toss it in/near/somewhere in the same house as the dirty basket. Rinse and repeat until clean is empty and I have no choice but to find the least dirty unwrinkled clothing. Or wash. It’s really a 50/50 chance.
Makes sense then to wear each clothe to its fullest. Since I only wore tonight’s outfit to exchange a friends camera for my i.d I lost two weeks ago, I planned on wearing it tomorrow. What am I doing tomorrow that doesn’t require khaki? I’m going to start volunteering with a Teach English Ministry. Dunno exactly what all this entails, but the first order of business is to get dressed and get to location by 9am. As I tossed today’s shirt on the floor, laying it out for tomorrow, I smiled. It’s one of my favorite shirts. Has Alice, as made famous by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, and a great life quote: “It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”
Then I’m brushing my teeth, staring in the mirror. Imagining myself conversing fluently in both English and Spanish, becoming beloved by all and a fixture in future abuelas and abuelos stories about learning English, gaining confidence and integrating into American culture. Picturing myself standing in front of the classroom tomorrow, in my mostly clean shirt, I pause. Laugh, as I often do by/at myself, spray toothpaste all over the mirror and decide I should probably pull a different shirt out of the clean basket for tomorrow. I think there’s a purple sweater in there. Purple is international for acceptance and love, right? Makes sense to me!

In honor of Bonnaroo’s lineup “revealing itself to us” yesterday, here are a few artists scheduled to be at hippiefest 2010.

Wale, Chillin
Ok, I admit I would be totally psyched if Gaga shows up too.

The XX, Basic Space
This song has been on repeat for about a week for me. xoxo it.

Zac Brown Band, Whatever It Is
Got to see him at roo last year. Loved it. Think he won a big award recently too..

Blues Traveler, Gunfighter
Thanks to Papa Bear for playing good music as he drove me to soccer games all my life.

Full line up: http://www.bonnaroo.com/artists.aspx
Want to go? Also, sponsorships available. Live vicariously through me! Hah jaykay.

One last thing, a reallly great blog. Hilarious. http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/


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First, I’d like to thank whoever my loyal reader is who checks this site every day. And apologize for being such a constant disappointment. Or possibly you visit each day hoping that I will not again bother the blogosphere with my ramblings and are satisfied by my lack of updates. If so, my apologies for the following.

Obligatory sentence about time flying and so on.
Moving on. As seems to be the only way in life…

Still working at a pub in Sugar Land. It’s alright when I’m making money. Painful when I’m not. After a shaky start and plenty of spilled trays, I’ve got the hang of it. I mostly know which questions to ask when you order a burger, and I only forget about 1/6 of the things patrons request. I can roll silverware, fill salt and pepper shakers, dust/windex/lemon oil various bar things, refill toilet paper, soap, and tampon bags. Waitressing is nothing if not glamorous. Especially when you get to wear khaki pants.
(Side story: In an interview at a different establishment, the interviewer asked what I disliked about my previous job. I answered truthfully that I had been overall very satisfied and nothing came to mind. When he pressed me to name something, I responded “I disliked that we had to wear khaki pants.” He nodded intently and asked me to tell him more. I smiled, tilted my head and stared blankly until he moved on to the next question. Dislike of khaki pants is a fundamental character trait, much like my mental tic of the word ‘banana,’ that I can’t explain or defend.) But day after day I don the khaki and smile and let people think my name is Tracy or Justin or Krissy, as Jessie is often much too difficult. Ha, accidental absolute truth.
Living in the Carpenter Casa. Which may belong to another family before too long. ‘For Sale’ sign has returned to the yard and our unsightly belongings, such as trash cans and toiletries, have been hidden away. Furniture rearranged in a manner that makes no sense to me, but I am attempting to support since the all-knowing stagers have dictated its new arrangement.
Paying off debt and planning the future. Teach in Thailand deadline came and went without me having the funds to realistically commit. Now looking at teaching in Spain, starting in October. Hoping to have funds to do some other summer/fall travel before.
Also hoping to incorporate both Coachella and Bonnaroo this year. Coachella’s lineup is already out, and it’s incredible. Check it: http://coachella.com highlights: jay z, vampire weekend, grizzly bear, passion pit, benny benassi, avett brothers, la roux, yeasayer .. um that’s just friday. zomg. Bonnaroo’s lineup will be out a week from today. Crossing my fingers for all sorts of unlikely acts, but no matter what it will be incredible. Hippie heaven. I am a little apprehensive having read several “leaked lineups” that include DMB and KOL as top headliners. Love them both and hope they are there, but so many ‘big’ bands I’d rather see as headliners.
I’d been live music starved since Fun Fun Fun Fest in November, but got to see Yo La Tengo last week. Loved it.
Righto. Promise next entry won’t read quite so much like a letter home. Plenty of bar and travel and life stories that are more interesting.
It’s 2010 “Bloggies” Season, and I’m humbled to say this blog was nominated for “Nothing.” I would definitely encourage you to check out my fellow talented bloggers. Who update significantly more with wit, insight and inspiration. http://2010bloggies.com I’m currently loving “2Birds1Blog.”
And of course, some music for your listening pleasure.

Noah and the Whale, 5 Years Time
Current obsession. Can’t think of a more cheerful future song atm.

Yo La Tengo, Mr. Tough
Another chipper tune. But check out more of their stuff, they have all different sounds and it’s all incredible.

Mumford and Sons, Little Lion Man
Definitely less.. hopeful. But still loving it in all its folky glory. Also recently got #1 on Australia’s top 100 count down. So that’s neat.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

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