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Here we go again.

Well, here I am. In Washington, DC. ‘The District’ if you’re hip.
Which I’m totally not at all.
What I am is living out of a shopping cart in my sister and her husband’s one bedroom apartment trying to pretend like I have a reason to be here or the confidence to stay.

It is beautiful here, the weather is so.. seasonal. It’s breezy and cool at night and sunny and a wonderful subject to talk about because everyone can agree it is fantastic. And conversations about agreeable and fantastic things are a great way to trick people into befriending you. First lure them in with sane conversations about such things then when they feel comfortable and are thinking nice things about you and your pleasantries, that’s when you pull the switch. Test out their true friend potential. Say the things you’re really thinking, however unrelated or socially awkward that may be. “I really wish there were more hippopotamuses around here. I watched House this morning and it was about a dominatrix. Do you have a favorite type of tree?” Acceptance is a key quality I look for in friends. And, as a friend of myself, I accept that many people cannot deal with this sort of mentally unstable conversation. So I return to the dialogues with myself in my head and go back to talking about the weather with this now terrified -and soon to be ‘in quite a hurry to get home’- acquaintance. What? None of that made sense. Buhh, life is so hard. No one understands me. I understand you. Of course you do, you are me. Well, you have to be a friend to make a friend! Friends of ourselves, let’s make a club. A wolfpack of one.

Have I scared you off yet? I had a lot of coffee and solitude this morning.

Things that I have done in DC besides create ridiculous conversations with myself:
– Bought a book on creative writing and pretend that I’m in school
Meaning I read a chapter and take random but not important notes and assign myself writing projects that I think about but don’t actually do. Mostly instead I drink coffee, update my blog, play on the internet and try to beat tetris faster than I did yesterday. So pretty much like I’m in school.
– Bought a magazine which lists the top 50 MFA programs and has a lot of words about them
I read the important words, like the 50 names. Michigan is second, UT is third. Texas, why do you have to be so good at everything and so wonderful with your tacos and your rivers? And schools, why do you have to be so snooty and require applications? Can’t you just know if I’m supposed to go there or not and tell me? That’s what a friend would do.
– Went to a free improv class/workshop
If I by some accident do find a job, I think I will sign up for a class. So much fun I have there and it’s really just the coolest thing to hear people be the most creative they are and to not think and just do. I like to think of my whole life as an improv class.. really takes the pressure off of decision making and planning. And sometimes it’s funny.
– Navigated my way to the library, and then on to the book store
Public libraries are a very cool thing. But I have to warm myself up to them. And they didn’t have the book I wanted. (The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. Kinda pissed that ol’ Larsson made such a cliff hanger at the end of the 2nd book. Also, did you know that this trilogy was published posthumously and 4 years after his death he was the second best selling author in the world?? I didn’t know those things until my sister told me. But even at the book store I didn’t buy the book because it was really expensive and hard back and I decided to torture myself and wait. I’ll check back at the library to see if their copies have been returned and also to force myself to try librarying again. If you’re not growing you’re withering! Or really wilting from all this walking too and fro, even with the breeze it is quite warm here.) There wasn’t really a reason for that to be in ( ).
– Traveled to the future.
I am now one hour ahead of Texans and all of the central time zone. Buahhahah! But I will keep the sworn vow of the People Of The Future and not tell you all the things that happen in that hour that I get before yall. Sorry, you’ll have to wait and see, but you’ll never believe the wal.. What? That’s not the way it works? Ah crud, I’ll never figure out time zones.
– Probably some other things too.

Monday a year ago I set out on my three week camping trip across Europe.Buhh, time keeps on slippin into the fuuuture.
Today a year ago I was in Switzerland, and tomorrow a year ago I was losing my mind jumping into a huge canyon and paragliding.
Tomorrow this year I might walk to the library. Too party.

Here’s some music and a comedy.


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