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“A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas.”

I wouldn’t say I’m a predictable person, but I am definitely constant in my affinity for certain people places and things. More likely than not I’ll make these my priorities and let them shape where I go and what I do. For example: zoos and giraffes, aquariums and beluga whales, lakes/rivers/oceans, uncommon objects, quotable wisdom, performing arts, outdoor adventures, people who understand that I’m pretty much bonkers but still love me, excuses to not wash clothes, and of course pens.

Hm. I was going to make a well thought out connection between the first bit and the rest of the story but I’ve lost it. See if you can figure it out and form a positive, yet unfounded, opinion to sew stories together like those cool patchwork quilts people make from old t-shirts so you can snuggle up with your memories and stuff like that.

Anyway. My mom sent me a text the other day: “What state are you in?” Which is a cool question to have to ask someone. Recently I’ve been to NYC, DC, East Lansing/Ann Arbor, Chicago, Frisco/Boulder/Denver and now back in beautiful Austin, Texas. Plan was to write a pithy, witty, and overall moving account of these trips, but we’ll see how that goes..

NYC: Pants, Parks and Public Transport.

Acting on a whim that I’ve had all my life for the past several years, I decided to visit the big apple. Woke up Sunday morning, booked a train, and by Sunday night football I was imposing myself on others, eating delicious bean dip and posing as a packers fan. (Secret to  making friends in new places: find out their sport alliances and learn the name of the star player and do enthusiastic nodding and clapping when it seems appropriate.) Because it was more of a visit than vacation, I sort of forgot about all the badass touristy things there are to do in NYC. Also, I’m kind of a terrible tourist due to lack of funds and zero sense of direction. But I met up with friends from Peru and Austin. And I went to the MET, survived small panic attack by visiting the roof top garden. I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, watched old men play chess in Washington Square Park, saw a show at Upright Citizens Brigade, went to central park zoo, ate bagels and thai food. Also somehow missed Modest Mouse, but that is a sad story.


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